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Diet and Lifestyle Consultation

Your "good health" is intricately related to diet and lifestyle choices!.  While genetics and environment have an impact there are few diseases that are not positively impacted by diet and lifestyle.  


I work with clients towards improving their health with dietary and lifestyle changes that are evidence based to positively improve markers for health and reduce  over reliance on prescription meds, supplements and or "magical or super foods".  

Together we will make evidence based corrections catered to your unique health profile and needs and develop a roadmap to improving your health thru diet and lifestyle corrections alone.

Evidence shows that the right dietary and lifestyle interventions can:

  • reduce blood pressure

  • reduce cholesterol

  • reduce blood viscocity

  • reduce inflammation

  • affect hormones

  • improve metabolism

  • increase fat burning

  • increase overall energy

  • reduce pain

  • improve heart health 

  • improve mood

  • aid in healing from illness: including metabolic illnesses, auto- immune diseases, cardiovascular disease... and the list goes on!


Link to recent Article on "Diet and Lifestyle and Pain Management"


I look forward to supporting you  to improve your Health in 2023! 

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