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Therapeutic Massage | Medical Massage

Therapeutic Massage and Medical Massage are beneficial in the recovery from muscular skeletal injuries, post surgeries, and during treatment of many acute and chronic conditions and injuries. 


Therapeutic Massage can be beneficial throughout the healing cycle, including for prevention, during treatment, and maintenance during the stages of recovery.

Therapeutic Massage benefits can  include:

  • Reducing pain and muscle soreness 

  • Improving circulation and blood flow to injured tissue

  • Improving joint function or joint range of motion

  • Reducing adhesions or scar tissue

  • Reducing myofascial pain

  • Reducing stress, muscle tension and increasing relaxation 

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Therapeutic & Medical Massage Services 

Therapeutic Massage - $120/60min, $170/90min, $210/120min

Often recommended post injury | post surgery for Acute and chronic pain during the recovery process. Aims to reduce pain, reduce swelling, speed tissue repair, improve adhesions, improve scar tissue  and improve range of motions during all phases of the recovery process. From acute to chronic conditions.

Myofascial Cupping 

Cupping works wonders on adhesions and in separating the layers of tissue, improving glide and in increasing blood flow and nourishment to tissue layers. Adhesions greatly affect mobility and proper functioning of joints and how muscle pairs work together. Myofascial Cupping  can also helps to improve myofascial pain, nerve pain and pain from impingement. 

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