Yoga Therapy Services


Yoga Therapy Sessions are conducted 1 on 1 with clients. The first session is typically 90 minutes, an initial assessment is carried out and a therapeutic protocol is specifically designed for the client according to their unique needs. 


I typically also incorporate manual therapies and prescriptions from other tool kits in order to achieve desired results. Especially when working with pain, postural imbalances and joint function. My interest is in helping you achieve your goals. ! 

After assessment is carried out clients are generally led through a series of exercises and are given simple home work to practice in between sessions.


Sessions are generally spaced one week apart and build on each other until the goal is reached. 

Yoga Therapy Assessment - 1 x 90 minute session $120

Yoga Therapy During Injury Recovery - 1 - 3 Sessions $90 - $270


Yoga Therapy for Improved Posture - 3 Sessions -  $300 

About Yoga Therapy


Yoga Therapy Is: the professional application of the principles and practices of Yoga (including philosophy, observances, postures and their variations, breath practices, concentration, and meditation practices and draws from yoga's sister science Ayurveda) towards improving the health and well-being of a client.  

Yoga Therapy uses: Postures and their variations, diet and lifestyle corrections, Meditation techniques, Breath practices towards the treatment of many imbalances including.

  • Muscular Skeletal Imbalances: Injury, adhesions, scar tissue, reduced range of motion, scoliosis or kyphosis, functional or postural imbalances due to habitual posture pattern, chronic pain.

  • Dietary and Lifestyle Imbalances: which may result in digestive problems, elimination problems, weight gain, nervous disorders, diabetes, dosha imbalances or seasonal imbalances.

  • Mental, Emotional and Spiritual imbalances.

A Yogic view on healing

According to Yoga Therapy, health is not merely determined by the physical body nor is it created by physical exercise alone. 


Both Yoga and Yoga Therapy share the Koshic System of anatomy which is quite different from a Western model. In the Yogic view we are composed of 5 bodies (Koshas) versus a singular physical body of the Western system. In Addition to the Physical Body the Koshic system includes The Subtle Bodies, The Mental Body, The Higher Intellect and the Bliss Body.

When a client presents with an imbalance, the Yoga Therapist will look to the 5 bodies (Koshas) to help determine the source of the imbalance. So for example when we are looking for the source of a client's pain or suffering we have multiple layers to assess. Pain is a body’s way of getting attention and together we can unfurl its messages to us.


Sometimes what presents as a physical pain can be deeply rooted in an imbalanced pattern of holding, alignment issues or even in a more mental or emotional stressor or lifestyle imbalance.


The 5 Koshic Model helps us to evaluate potential underlying causes and then develop solutions. More about Yoga Philosophy here.

IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapists, or C-IAYTs, are highly trained professionals who meet or exceed established international standards. visit 

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I look forward to learning more about how I can assist you to feel better in your body through yoga therapy.