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Thank you ! for your interest in improving your health through Therapeutic Massage and bodywork. It is my pleasure to assist you to improve the way you feel !  


We specialize in treating Athletes, Injuries, Chronic Pain and Muscle Soreness using a variety of Massage and Yoga Therapy modalities.


Treatment  focus may include:

  • Relaxation and stress management

  • Soft tissue injury recovery and prevention

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Post surgical

  • Improved athletic performance and recovery

  • Increased range of motion  

  • Improved posture 

Massage Service Menu

Therapeutic Medical Massage - $120 hr

Having worked many years in medical settings, with a large variety of muscular skeletal injuries, post surgeries, acute and chronic conditions Therapeutic Massage is an essential element in the recovery process and works by helping to nourish and relax the injured tissue or surrounding support tissues. Additionally Therapeutic Massage helps to stimulate blood flow, evacuate and re-circulate the metabolic fluids as well as help to relax the neighboring muscle groups which are over compensating on behalf of the injured tissue. In some cases, edema (swelling) is present and specialty massage strokes may assist the swollen tissues (carrying toxins) to evacuate and aid the healing process.  ** Yes I can help you process your insurance claims and health savings accounts. 

Sport Massage - $120 hr

Sport Massage focuses on correcting imbalances in the soft tissue caused by the rigors of athletic training and performance and also help speed the recovery process thru evacuating metabolic fluids, reduce swelling, nourish and help repair tissue which can benefit athletic performance.  Sport Massage can combine a variety of massage techniques (kneeding, fascial release, trigger point, assisted stretching) to achieve its goals. I have immensely enjoyed working and participating :) in many sporting events assisting athletes including: Cyclists, Marathons and Ultra Trail Runs and Premier Bike Races up and down the coast of California. 

Lymphatic Drainage - $120 hr packs of 4 and 6 available

Manual Lymphatic Drainage may involve gentle superficial strokes that push lymph fluid through the lymphatic system to aid accumulated lymph fluid to drain through proper channels and organs. Lymphatic drainage is very gentle, is not painful and doesn’t have a stimulating effect. Each session lasts 60 minutes, and therapy usually is performed once a day 2 to 3 times a week for multiple weeks depending on the degree of lymph accumulation, toxicity or treatment goals. Often recommended post surgery / post cosmetic surgery and for edema or in cases of lymph stagnation Lymphatic Massage speeds the healing process thru helping to evacuate lymph fluid.  Lymphatic Massage is also considered to be detoxifying. to learn more: Link: Lymphatic Massage and how it works.

Deep Tissue Massage - $120 hr

Deep Tissue Massage does not have to be painful!! Technically speaking it is massage that aims towards reaching the deeper layer of muscles versus the superficial (close to the surface) muscles of the body. Deep Tissue Massage addresses Musculo-skeletal strain or pain, postural imbalance, adhesions or static muscle mass. Treatments can greatly improve range of motion, flexibility, circulation and healing recovery time. Deep tissue strokes tend to be slow with firm pressure applied and are the most effective means towards addressing adhesions and improving range of motion.  

Structural Body Work Series - $120 hr x 4, 6, 8

Structural body work looks at the body in terms of optimal alignment and is based on the premise that more perfect alignment is available to every "body", including perfect posture. When the body is aligned properly, pain can be reduced or fatigue from stressed muscles holding in place misaligned bones. During a structural body work session massage technique are applied as a means to sculpting the body towards a more perfect alignment. Treatments are usually done over series of multiple sessions to achieve optimal results.  

​Swedish Esalen - $120 hr

In Swedish Esalen massage essential oils are commonly used with long and flowing strokes over the client's body. (a sheet is draped over the client's sensitive parts). While the strokes are aimed at relaxing the superficial (close to the surface) muscles and helping the body to flush out toxins more effectively. The Swedish Esalen massage helps in reducing the recovery time from the strains and aches of muscles by flushing the fluids of lactic acid, uric acid, and other waste metabolic fluids. Swedish Massage is also known to enhance the circulation of blood without exerting pressure on the heart, helps to lengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons making them lithesome and flexible, stimulate the skin and connective tissues. And soothes the nerves and nervous system thereby reducing stress, improve emotional and physical wellbeing, and is highly recommended as a regular therapy treatment for the management of stress. 

Ayurvedic Massage - $120 hr

Uses specially formulated warm medicated oils to achieve constitutional balance. In Ayurvedic medicine an individual is born with a specific constitutional make up. Due to a variety of reasons we can become out of constitutional balance. Ayurvedic massage as well as lifestyle changes can have a positive impact toward bringing constitutional balance.  Strokes can be applied similarly to a Swedish style massage using warm herbal oils.  

Reiki - $100 hr

A Reiki treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Seichem / Reiki benefits the whole person including body, mind, emotions and subtle bodies. Reiki seems to most deeply affect the subtle bodies of the human aura and works on both the nadhi and chakra subtle energy systems. Although human energy systems are generally ignored in western sciences they are actively embraced by many traditions of the east including Traditional Chinese Medicine , Ayurveda and the Yogic traditions of India. More about Reiki and  link to my chakra Art 

Assisted Stretching - $40  for 30 min add-on

Each joint of the body has an optimal range of motion. When injury occurs, this ROM can be diminished due to scar tissue or compensation patterns as well as damages in the tissue and existing structures.  Muscles work together to hold the structure together. Correct alignment of the bones of the skeleton can create optimal movement of the joints. When joints are functioning optimally its ability to operate and perform improves.  Massage, Myofascial release, joint mobilization, assisted stretching and a home therapy practice are used to create optimal ROM.  


Posture Reboot - $300 for 3 session series includes a combination of services

Gravity can sure have its way with us!... but believe it or not there are some really good reasons to reboot our posture. When we sit, stand or walk our posture mis-alignments can create muscle and joint fatigue making us tired, causing pain, or discomfort and eventual injury.  Posture rebooting is more than just the “pull your shoulders back" approach that your mother took :) I take a friendlier approach including assessment, manual therapy, yoga therapy, reeducation and posture quick tips. Book a 3 session series which may include a combination of massage therapy, assisted stretching and yoga therapy.

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