2020 Classes

Yoga Therapeutics - Virtual Class via Zoom - Ongoing

Tuesdays /Thursday 9:00am-10am Zoom Studio. email me for link


 "A compassionate practice designed for people managing injury or those interested in optimal alignment as well as students looking for a gentle, well instructed class focused on body awareness as well as the more subtle benefits of yoga. Therapeutics distills yoga down to its essential healing elements blending asana, breath, mindfulness and philosophy into a 60-minute class".  Complete Intake form prior to first class here.         


Yoga Therapies for Anxiety - College of Marin Community Education 

Indian Valley Campus

Winter - 7 Tuesdays January 28, 2019 - March 16, 2019 

Spring - 7 Tuesdays April 2, 2019 - May 14, 2019 

NEW| Yoga Therapies for Anxiety

Come learn therapeutic approaches to managing anxiety using Yoga Therapies and Ayurveda. Gain a clear understanding of the contributing factors of anxiety and how to approach addressing symptoms. Learn guidelines for lifestyle practices that support the body and mind in addressing symptoms. Use a variety of tools to address anxiety including: breath practices, meditation, deep relaxation, yoga postures, and the use of culinary herbs, oils, and teas.  https://marincommunityed

3899 | Weaver | IVC | PV 8

Yamas and Niyamas - Yoga's Guiding Principles- Yoga of Sausalito 

2 Saturdays November 5th and 12th 2018 3:00-4:30pm

Yamas and Niyamas: Ever wonder what it really means to be a yogi? Do you know that yoga has ethical precepts and observances that we are invited to follow that help us to be at peace with ourselves, our family, and our community. This two part series will introduce you to these precepts and invite you to take them more deeply into your lives as yogis and into your practice of yoga. This 90 minute class may include meditation, contemplation and journaling. Please bring pen and paper. This class may be taken as a 2 part series or as a drop in. 


25$ per session. Open attendance. 

Take Your Life Back From Trauma - Yoga of Sausalito

When: Friday evening October 14, 7 PM – 9 P.M.

Saturday, October 15, 2 PM – 6 PM


Clearing the Roots of Past Trauma with Biofield Healing and Yoga Therapies

Instructors: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. and Janet Weaver, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

Do you ever feel like stress and overwhelm are robbing you of your inner calm? Are traumatic experiences from your past still keeping you from living life to the fullest? If so you will learn new methods for reclaiming your peace of mind and ease in your body at this unique workshop. This event will take place within a Unified Field of pure love and higher light transmission.

Friday only: $20

Saturday only: $45

Friday and Saturday: $55 –

Introduction to Meditation - Yoga of Sausalito

4 Saturdays Date: Jul 09, 2016 - Jul 30, 2016 From: 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Introduction to Meditation: This 4 week series explores a variety of meditation techniques and may include philosophy, asana (postures), breath practices and tips and guidelines towards building a meaningful home practice. Each week will explore a different facet of meditation and builds on the wisdom of the previous class. The series can be taken as a whole or on a drop in basis though it is highly recommended that the series be taken in its entirety.

Janet Weaver first met Yoga in 1999 as a spiritual seeker and student of Yoga Philosophy and Meditation when she lived and studied Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and its practices and lifestyle for 3.5 years in a Meditation Ashram in Oakland, California (www.oaklandsyda.org).
Since then, she has had a healing practice as a Registered Yoga Therapist (500hr) / Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master in the East Bay and in Marin County. (www.yogatherapyforlife.com). Janet specializes in working with muscular skeletal concerns or injuries, but also works confidently with a variety of conditions and ailments. She believes yoga is for everyone and every body type, and every stage of recovery and welcome an opportunity to find a practice or protocol to suit your unique needs.

Ongoing Classes: Yoga Therapeutics - CLOSED

Tuesdays 10:45-12:00 PM: Yoga Of Sausalito, 110 Caledonia Street Sausalito


 "A compassionate practice designed for people managing injury, as well as students looking for a gentle, well instructed class focused on body awareness and the more subtle benefits of yoga. Therapeutics distills yoga down to its essential healing elements blending asana, breath, mindfulness and philosophy into a 75-minute class".